The Towing Line

An indispensable tool. It’s the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and durability. Runlock No 20 is the heavy duty tool, perfect for towing or heavy dragging, and the ability to stretch minimizes the risk of snatching back or breaking. The knot-less system will never get stuck or jam, and the fluorescent colour is clearly visible.

The perfect tools for towing or heavy dragging

  • 30% stretch minimizes the risk of snatching back
  • Easy to extend and adjust
  • Conect and disconect in seconds
  • Soft Polyester will not scratch your vechicle
  • Will not get stuck or jam under heavy load
  • Fluorescent orange, clearly visible in the dark
  • Easy to wash in machine at 40 degrees
  • No chagins or hooks that can scratch your vechicle


So fast, so effective, so easy

No knots needed, simply create a running loop and place it over the trailer hitch. Adjust the length of the towing line by moving the loop forward of backwards. If you need extra strength, simply use two towing lines together go get the job done! The fluorescent orange colour is clearly visible. If the towing line gets dirty, simply wash it in machine at 40 degrees.

the quick lock is really quick

Perfect to use under heavy load. The Quick loop - fixed release is the ultimate lock to use when attaching Runlock to closed rings or chains. The lock will not untie even if exposed to heavy loads and it's easy to simply pull to release the lock in seconds.